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The whole town of Croach Hill is afraid of
Mel the Dragon. Everyone except Mike, that is.
When Peter turns the Dragon Goods Supply
into an ice cream store, kids are in for
a big surprise.

This book of unanticipated self-realization is
the third children's book by Dr. Mel Rosenberg,
professor of microbbiology at Tel Aviv
University, and his first collaboration with
award-winning illustrator Rotem Omri.

Many years ago a university student met a
young child and promised to write him a book
explaining what bacteria are.

Premises are meant to be kept, but the
student lost the young Boy's address.

Many years have gone by, and the student,
now a professor of microbiology, have
finally kept his promise in this
illuminating book, which exposes the
microbial world in a frank,yet amusing

Kenya is a kangaroo with a problem.
She can't hop around like all her friends do.
To the rescue comes the famous and somewhat
eccentric, rooster-physician Dr.William Cluck III.
Dr.Cluck is no run-of-the mill doctor, as you will
soon find out in this charming tale.

This is the first in a series of books in which Dr.
Cluck solves the pressing problems of his animal
patients with wacky, yet insightful advice,
combined with humor, rhyme and song.

The book is by saxophone-happy Dr. Mel
Rosenberg (a microbiologist, not a "real"
doctor) illustrated by the hip hopping
Rotem Omri.

Tim Burbanks, the porcupine, wakes up one
morning to discover that his quills are pointion
backwards. No one wants to hug or cuddle him.
not even his own Mother. Time to visit Dr. William
Cluck III, the wacky but wise rooster, who
challenges Tim to solve his own problem.

This is the second story in the Dr. Cluck trilogy
(featuring Kenya the can't garoo and Gloomeris,
the serious laughing hyena).

Mel Rosenberg writes the stories and Rotem Omri
brings them to life.

Few of us believe that tooth fairies really exist.
But apparently they do. The hero in "The Amazing
Tooth Fairy" has a tooth fairy who brings him
remarkable gifts each time a tooth falls out:
amazing spoons, bouncing balls, musical birds,
and even pickadiloes. What will she bring him
when tooth number ten falls out?

This autobiographical story, written by Mel
Rosenberg, is based on his own tooth fairy.
It is magically illustrated by Rotem Omeri,
her second collaboration with the author
(the first is Mel the Smell Dragon).

What happens when it's time to throw out your
toothbrush and buy a new one?
In the story, Betty and her Dad find things to
do with her beloved used toothbrush.
This is Dr. Mel Rosenberg's second book,
published (in Hebrew, meanwhile) in 2006.
The story is lovingly illusrated by Tali

Witch Wizelda is in a fix. Her trusted broom has
broken, and she is late for a date. She bumps into
Anne, a saucy girl who has the nerve to talk back
to Witch with ugly teeth and a temper to boot.
Wizelda soon turns Anne into a toothbrush.
The spell can only be broken if a young boy learns
to brush his teeth properly.
Tom finds the toothbrush, but is more interested in
eating sweets and playing soccer than brushing
his teeth, Will he ever learn to brush his
teeth? Will Anne turn back into a girl who has
learned her lesson?
This is Dr. Mel Rosenberg's second book
published (in Hebrew, meanwhile) in 2006,
illustrated by the talented Tali Niv-
Dolinsky. The story also forms the basis
of children's film, available in Hebrew
and Arabic on

Gloomeris is a laughing hyena with a serious
problem. He's serious. All the other hyenas are
having a ball, but for Gloomeris, nothing is
humorous. To the rescue comes Dr.cluck, the
wackiest doctor you've ever seen. And a rooster
to boot!

This is the third in a series of books in which
the cocky doctor helps his patients solve their
problems with his unique combination of wit,
song and dance, and ample,but well deserved
self esteem. The story is by Dr.Mel Rosenberg
(who is neither a physician nor a rooster) and
illustrated with the uncanny talent of Rotem

What did the tooth fairy leave you when your tenth
tooth fell out? How about a trip to outer space?
In this story, sequel to "The Amazing Tooth Fairy"
our hero has had to wait a whole year to open the
magic box the Tooth Fairy has left him.
Imagine his inisial disappointment when all
he finds inside the box is a bus ticket.
But this is no regular ticket, and this is no longer
So buckle up.
Mel Rosenberg and Rotem Omri will
soon fly you to the moon (and Mars) in this
heartwarming flight of fancy.

Walk into Professor Mel Rosenberg's office at Tel Aviv University, and you'll find four separate bookshelves. The first is reserved for scientific books and magazines (Mel is the world expert in bad breath, with dozens of scientific articles and books to his credit). The second houses all his inventions (notably Dentyl pH, the second best selling mouthwash in the UK). The third is home to his music library (he has just finished recording his second jazz CD). The fourth, his favorite, displays Mel the Smell Dragon, Kenya the Kangaroo, Gloomeris the Serious Laughing Hyena and other colorful clay characters from his latest children's books, now available for free on his new "Over the past five years, the university here has received a substantial sum in royalties from the sales of my inventions, and I have decided to invest some of my share to benefit society," he explains. So last year Mel hired an award-winning illustrator of children's book, Rotem Omri, with the goal of illustrating all his children's stories. But with one crazy twist. Instead of looking for a publisher to manufacture and sell the books, he is providing them free over the internet for parents and kids everywhere. The books look like real books, the pages flip, and you can even hear Prof. Rosenberg narrating the stories (and singing hip hop as well!). Prof. Rosenberg's stories are fun, but they also bring home important messages, such as brushing your teeth, health and wellbeing, and facing up to challenges. For example, Prof. Rosenberg's alter ego, "Mel the Smell Dragon" learns to adapt to a new way of life when Peter's Dragon Dry Goods Store turns into an ice cream palace. Another memorable character is Dr. William Cluck III, a wacky but wise upside-down rooster who helps his patients solve their own pressing problems. According to Prof. Rosenberg, his investment in is just the beginning. "Every few months, another illustrated story of mine will appear on the site, and I don't plan to run out of stories." Eventually he hopes to enlist sponsors to help promote the site and translate it into other languages. "Hopefully people will realize that publishing books for free on the internet is the future", he says. "I don't think that this will hurt actual book sales, but will probably increase them." Two of Prof. Rosenberg's books have been published in English, Hebrew and Arabic, and he is certain that his new website will eventually facilitate publication of all his stories. So curl up in front of a warm computer and enjoy any or all of the eight illustrated stories already online. Kids from the age of four to ninety-four are more than welcome.